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What Is Unknown May Change The Course of Your Litigation

Forensic Accounting Experts Can Help Your Case: Contact MSG Today

The New York City forensic accounting firm of Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA, PC — MSG — can design and implement a forensic investigation to address your specific needs. As forensic and investigative accounting experts, we decipher and uncover those transactions and personnel activities that may have intentionally or unintentionally adversely affected an individual, business, or organization. The clarity and credibility of our findings provide our clients with the evidence needed to support their case.

Our team’s role varies by project, circumstance, and purpose. We investigate business transactions, economic crimes, civil litigation matters, and perform specialized audits. These services also help identify:

• Missing or dissipated assets
• Fund transfers
• Underreporting of Income
• Overstating of expenses

Attorneys regularly engage us to:

• Interview parties;
• Conduct background investigations;
• Review public records;
• Analyze physical evidence to identify possible forgeries or document tampering;
• Inspect & surveil business premises;
• Review business records;
• Identify fictitious vendors/employees; or
• Other malicious business activities

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